The Viking Yurt - Dinner A Yurt is a "portable" structure much like those used by nomadic tribes in Mongolia over 2,000 years ago. The domed, tent-like structure sits on top of a portable wooden frame to create an efficient shelter that is environmentally friendly.

Despite their rustic appearance, today's Yurts are quite high tech. Bubble wrap insulation developed by NASA provides warmth in winter and a cool feel in the summer. Seams are electronically welded using radio waves, which give the roof amazing strength and durability. Sturdy fir rafters and steel rivets support the cone-shaped top with a domed skylight at the apex. This overhead view and abundant natural light give the yurt an open, airy feel.

A Yurt offers people an experience close to nature. You can hear the wind, see the snow, but it's comfortable and warm when you're inside. The Viking Yurt is a much more sturdy and fancy version of a yurt and stays up year around.

The Viking Yurt and its hosts are a combination of warm Norwegian hospitality, the rugged individualism of the Rocky Mountain West and the magical experience of a Park City Mountain Resort in the evening. Pair all those with creative, gourmet cuisine, and you have an unforgettable dining experience.

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The Viking Yurt offers several unique gifts to remember your special event.

The sterling silver pendant with the Viking Yurt logo. With chain $120, without chain $80

* Norwegian Brass Cowbell. $30 - They have the Viking Yurt logo on one side. For an additional cost we can add your desired text on the other side.

We also have black baseball caps with our skier logo on them. $20