The Viking Yurt - Lunch While dinner at The Viking Yurt is an elegant, candle lit, six-course affair with live piano, lunch is more casual. You’ll discover a quiet cozy retreat from the daytime crowds so pop off your skis and join us! The Viking Yurt lunch menu is modeled after a European alpine lunch, low-brow but high-quality.

The chef creates hearty, homemade sandwiches and fresh baked cookies. Enjoy a glass of wine or perhaps a hot-spiced version to warm you by the wood burning stove. From the fine artisanal cheeses and our famous tomato soup to the apple strudel with warm vanilla sauce, this is a lunch you’ll savor.

The Viking Yurt is easy to find. It’s located at the five-way intersection where Homerun and the top of the Crescent come together. The views are spectacular for lounging on the outside deck chairs on sunny days. It’s the perfect place to stop by for a cold beer, hot spiced wine, coffee with Bailey’s liqueur or a whiskey and cider.

A Viking Yurt lunch is the perfect compliment to your day on the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort. You must have a ski pass to join us for lunch.

No reservations taken, just ski-in-ski-out. You must be a day skier/boarder to join us for lunch. Sleigh ride not included; that is only for dinner guests. If you would like a private event buyout for lunch, please contact us.

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Lunch Menu


    • BUFFALO BRAT on a baguette, sweet onion jam & whole grain mustard - $12
    • PROSCIUTTO & ST ANDRE' CHEESE (from Normandy, France –much nicer than Brie) on a baguette, arugula & sweet onion jam - $13
    • GRILLED CHEESE with FULL MOON CHEDDAR (Bronze Medal, World Cheese Awards 2010) & marinated tomato (or not) grilled cheese on sour dough - $11
    • GRILLED MARINATED CHICKEN with Cambonsola cheese (much nicer than gorgonzola. A German blue cheese recommended by our German chef) arugula, baguette - $13
    • PORTEBELLO MUSHROOM on a baguette, tomato, avocado, Drunken Goat Cheese (from Spain and soaked in red wine) - $12


    • Above options without the bread but with extra arugula -

    • Soup

        • The Viking Yurt specialty! Tomato Coconut Curry - $9

      Sweet Treats
        • Warm Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce - $10
        • Specialty cookies of the day - $3


        • Coffee, Mocha, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider - $3
        • Bottled Water - $2
        • Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke - $3


        • Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay - $9
        • Bloody Mary - $10
        • Gluvin (hot mulled wine) - $9
        • Beers - $5-10
        • Highwest Whiskey - $9
        • Park City’s pride "Top 10 Whiskey of 2008"
        • Akvavit - $7
        • The Spirit of Norway (pronounced "AH-keh-veet") is a potato-based liquor, flavored with caraway. "Water of life" for the spirit of Thor’s ski-hard descendants
        • Vodka Absolute $6
        • Bailey's - $6
        • ULLR peppermint cinnamon schnapps - $6 (A Nordic libation, Ullr is the god of snow)
        • Peppermint Schnapps arrow for hot choc. - $3
        • (try a Whiskey Cider $11, Hot Choc. & Schnapps $6,or a yummy Bailey's & coffee $8)