How To Enjoy Your Viking Yurt Experience

The Viking Yurt is a truly unique experience. We have done our very best to take care of every issue we can think of to make this an unforgettable and enjoyable evening.

The Viking Yurt is surrounded by snow. The ground cover can vary between icy, packed snow or deep powder depending on how recently it has snowed. Footwear should NOT have a slippery sole. Street shoes and high heels are definitely not recommended.
What to wear?
There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices! We have no control over the weather and it can change from minute to minute. Please bring a hat, warm mittens or gloves, wear boots or warm shoes and dress in layers that you can remove once inside. If it's a cold evening, a scarf or neck gator is recommended. If dressed for the conditions, the sleigh ride up and down is an enjoyable adventure. Many of our guests have also brought along charcoal hand warmers just in case.
Is the yurt heated inside?
Yes, but there is no thermostat. The Yurt is heated with a wood stove. It can be cooled down by opening the outside door or not adding more logs to the fire. Those are the kind of adjustments we can make to the inside temperature. Wearing layers allows you to remove or add articles of clothing so you can remain comfortable.
Is there a toilet?
Yes, but this is a yurt with a deluxe outhouse, not a ski lodge with flush toilets. There is no running water. There is hand sanitizer and entertaining decorations for your pleasure.
What if I want to come up later or come down earlier than everyone else?
Everyone goes up together and comes down together. There is no way to get you up if you are late and the sleigh has already left nor a bail out option for an unhappy, tired child (or spouse).
Can I reserve a table for two?
This is your golden opportunity to make new friends. Guests are seated in the European dining tradition at tables of six or ten. If you don't enjoy chatting with strangers, it could feel like a long evening. This is a relaxed pace of dining so beware if that concept makes you uncomfortable.
How can I help myself get good service?
We use as little glass as possible to avoid breakage on the snowmobiles. The pewter water goblets are not see-through so just let us know if your water goblet needs refilling.
Is alcohol included in the price?
Alcohol is never included in the price in Utah. It is against Utah State liquor laws so it must be an optional purchase. You can bring your own preference of wine or champagne and pay the corkage fee. It is against the law to bring your own beer or liquor.
Can you accommodate wheelchairs?
With pleasure. Let the office know in advance so we can organize it.
If the dinners, tax and tip are prepaid, how do I pay for the alcohol or tip the pianist?
The servers will present you with a bill at the end of the evening for drink orders. That bill will not include tip for the beverage service nor tip for the piano player. Those can either be charged on a credit card you have with you or cash at the yurt.
Are children welcome at the yurt?
The yurt experience is a very long and elegant affair so only you can decide if the children and parents will enjoy having them along. Please be considerate of our other guests that are looking forward to an elegant evening. Make a note under special instructions on the booking form if you are bringing children as we can try to seat you with others families if possible. If you want their entree course to be plain, just ask. Because a child still requires a seat on the sleigh, a chair in the yurt, and we will still serve them all the dinner courses, we do not discount for children.
How can I make changes to my reservation?
After you have completed your reservation you will get an emailed confirmation letter that allows you to edit, change or cancel your reservation. You can add dietary requests after you have booked the seats. We do not accept cancellations left on voice mail left on the office line. If you email us, you must receive an email back confirming we got your cancellation so the best way is to edit your own reservation on line.
Can we help you?
If you are unsatisfied with something, please tell the staff immediately. They will do whatever is in their power to make your experience a pleasant one. If we don't know, we can't help.
Please respect our limitations
Often people make requests that common restaurants can accommodate but we can not. If you have never experienced a Viking Yurt dinner event, these differences may be difficult to understand. The yurt has very complex and unusual logistics. Some people make the incorrect assumption they will get "wiggle room" if or after they book. Please respect our rules and limitations! Please do not email the office pushing for exceptions that we have to take the time to answer "Sorry, no". The yurt experience has been dialed out for 19 years! We hope you will just relax and enjoy the evening as we know works best.

Here is a list of common incorrect assumptions:
  • Our maximum capacity is 40 guests. The sleigh holds 32 people and the cab 8 people. Our business license and our contract with Vail requires that each person has their own seat belt buckled, regardless of age or size. Also we only have 41 chairs inside the yurt also.
  • We do not discount for groups or children. Our capacity is so small and we are only open 3.5 months per year. So it doesn't matter if you are a party of 10 or 41, we do not discount. We have people book for only two guests (for engagements) and still pay for the private 40 person price. Same with families with small #s that want to bring small children and simplify the evening. Some people book out the entire yurt for a small # because they want to have speakers all evening.
  • The yurt fills up on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will not hold dates or seats until you decide. That is unfair to us because once a person looks on our website and sees the date they want is unavailable, they move on to book somewhere else. Concierge do not look daily to see if anyone has canceled. We are often sold out weeks in advance.
  • Only one bev. bill will be presented per reservation. Our servers can not track who drank/ordered what.
  • The snow cat can not make multiple trips up and down the mountain for late guests or for any # of guests over 40 guests that you want to get up to the yurt. The cat driver has full time duties once the guests arrive at the yurt. All our guests go up and down the mountain together, one time. We do not put customers on snowmobiles either. Our insurance and the resort will not allow it.
  • If you book a private event and are fewer than 40 guests, the other tables and chair will remain in the yurt. Our tables are bolted to the floor and our heavy metal and wooden chairs will not be removed from the yurt to stand out in the snow and elements. The snow cat groomers need to be able to groom around the yurt during the evening also.
  • The entire evening and service of food needs to stay on schedule. Please don't be offended if one person in your group is an extremely slow eater. We need to keep these 5 courses coming!
  • We can not move tables around just for your event. The yurt is round so the tables are perfectly spaced as there is a center pole in the middle of the yurt. We can not move tables end to end to make longer than a 10 top. We can email you a chart of how the yurt is laid out if you need it for your private event. We can squeeze a few more chairs around one table if you agree your space will be very tight.
  • The tables in the yurt are jam packed with what we need to pull off an elegant dinner. We don't have room for flower arrangements or other decorations that you want on the table. If you are a private party, you could place little gifts on each charger once you arrive in the yurt. We are not responsible to transport your items. If you are a private event, you can place them in the heated cab in a low box.
  • We do not transport your wine/champagne to the yurt in advance. Please carry those to the sleigh and inside the yurt yourself. If you have a case of wine, just tuck it under your feet. If you don't want this hassle, you can purchase the from the selection we have at the yurt.
  • We are happy to accommodate wheelchairs but we do not provide wheelchairs for our guests. Nor do we have an oxygen tank at the yurt if a guest is struggling with the altitude.
  • All guests must rendezvous in the meeting room before 6pm to check in with the hostess. Please do have your guests go directly to the sleigh. Besides, they will get too cold during the wait outside and will need to hear the quick speech we give inside and sign our release form. There are bathrooms in the meeting room too.
  • We do not have room to stock to-go containers nor time to offer doggy bags for no-shows or unfinished meals.
  • We can not control the weather. In 19 years we have only canceled a yurt event twice. Once because I-80 was closed and once in 2001 due to our fuel for the snow cat supply. We are sorry if you don't get the weather you wanted the evening of your event, but that is part of the risk of booking The Viking Yurt.
  • Menu change requests; Please use the EDIT function on your confirmation letter anytime before the day of your event to make changes. We don't need the name of your guest, just the change. For example; 3 chicken, two nut allergies. When you arrive in the yurt, the servers will find out which table that change is at.

The logistics of The Viking Yurt are just amazing. Guests receive an elegant 5 course meal that has been carefully thought out to succeed. The yurt doesn't have a walk-in fridge and lots of space like other restaurants so we keep our supplies down at the big ski lodge instead. The chef has to snowmobile up all the prepped ingredients from the lodge each evening. Once he has arrived at the lodge, he doesn't have time to snowmobile back to the lodge. Please allow us to present our well thought out menu instead of the guests trying to control it.

Serving 40 people all at once from our tiny yurt kitchen is a challenge beyond explanation. Therefore we do not allow customers to change our courses. But if you have food allergies or an entree preference, we will be happy to accommodate you.

If you have food allergies we need to be notified in advance of your event date. IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY OTHERWISE BEFORE THE DATE OF YOUR RESERVATION, THE BEEF WILL BE PRESENTED AS YOUR ENTREE, which is our specialty! If you prefer salmon, chicken or a vegetarian entree you must let us know in advance. The vegetarian is a stuffed portabella mushroom, the chicken is cooked in a delicious mushroom cream sauce and the salmon is broiled with a glaze. We do not offer a vegan meal as we cannot offer vegan cheese and we only have two burners to use for 40 meals.
Let us know.
This is an unusual environment and a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Transporting, serving and keeping guests comfortable is a work of the art of logistics on the best of nights. If you see something that is within our control to improve, we would love your feedback. Contact us